Thriving Business in the Grand Strand

Baddhare Salon and Spa needs your help to find our next team member. We are relentlessly searching for a front desk associate and salon assistant to join our Baddass team. Are you or someone you know looking for a new career path? Please send them our way. Baddhare Salon and Spa thrives off of five core values that truly makes this business a great work environment for our staff and our loyal guests. Unique -  Baddhare is one of a kind! We are the only salon in the Grand Strand supporting our guests and staff with safer beauty options. We are also the only salon in Myrtle Beach who recycles up to 95% of our salon and spa waste. The beauty industry accumulates 877 pounds of waste every minute! We are a proud partner of Green Circle Salons. Our efforts as a certified sustainable salon will have a positive environmental impact locally and globally. Education -  Baddhare Salon proudly launched Baddhare University at the beginning of 2022. This program thoroughly trains our service providers and support staff to take our expertise and customer service to the next level. We love hosting guest artist for even more in-house education quarterly. Education also lives in every hair and spa appointment. We conduct each service as a learning experience for our clients.  Education is never-ending for the staff and guests of Baddhare. Passion -  We have a true love for what we do! Family -  When you become a staff member of guest of Baddhare Salon and Spa, you become a part of the family. Our staff has a mutual love and respect for all other employees and guests. Transparency -  Baddhare will always have the upmost integrity and honesty when it comes to all aspects of our business. From pricing to ingredient lists, honesty is our best policy. It takes a special person to become a Baddhare Team Member. Some of our requirements include: -  Be Trainable and Coachable -  Have Outstanding Communication Skills -  Be Quick with Creative Problem Solving -  Be Highly Organized and Detail-oriented -  Take Direction Well and Thrive with a High Preforming Team -  Be a Direct Reflection of the Beauty Industry with Attention to your Personal Appearance -  Be Comfortable in a Fast-paced Environment where Priorities can Change Quickly Future Front Desk Associate Additional Requirements Include: -  Possessing leadership skills to guide and hold staff accountable to policies and procedures. -  Support sales goals of the business and individual service providers. - Be Tech savvy with the ability to navigate through excel, word, salon software, and trouble shooting technical difficulties. How can you help??? Spread the word that Baddhare Salon and Spa is hiring! If we hire someone you recommended to us, you will receive a $60 Gift Card on their 60th day of employment. Its a win, win for everyone. Our new employee gets a new career opportunity and you get a Gift Card to your favorite Salon and Spa in Myrtle Beach! Apply in person or contact Rhysa Anderson (salon owner) at 843.267.3138. You can also visit "Career Opportunities" in the "About Us" drop down for more information.    

Fun Fashion Hair Color Tips

You finally made the exciting leap to a fun fashion hair color! Those subtle pastel colors and vivid shades require special  at-home care. Here are a few tips to maintain the health of your hair and keep your new color lasting as long as possible!


To help the color set in and minimize bleeding, try to wait 2 days to wash your hair after having your color done.


If you wash your hair 4-5 times per week, try to reduce your washing down to 2-3 times per week. This will make the color last much longer and preserve your natural oils that nourish your hair.

Keep it COOL...

When you wash your hair with hot water, the cuticles on the outer layer of the hair shaft will open. This will result in moisture loss,  frizz, and will make your hair more susceptible to damage. Try to rinse your hair with cool water. This will seal your cuticles and controls frizz. You can warm the water up after to warm your body.

Professional Products are Important!

You finally have your dream hair color! Don’t use cheap drugstore or grocery product! Protect your investment with color-protecting products. All good colorists will make recommendation for what you an purchase in the salon to use for your at home maintenance. Follow their advice. They are not just trying to make a sale!  

Clean Beauty Skin Food Facial

Baddhare Salon is so excited to launch a new skin care lines in our clean beauty spa. We are proud to introduce "Skin Food Facials" by Beauty Care Naturals.  A Skin Food Facial does it all! It's unique formulations work synergistically and holistically with each other to bring ultimate balance to your skin.
This nutritious line aids in everything from oil overproduction or under production, scar reducing, and pore minimizing.  These products are a hydrating and will be a plumping powerhouse. The best thing of all is the anti-aging properties. Who doesn't want to look a few years younger, right?
Because Skin Food products will promote cell turnover and renewal, it will correct uneven pigmentation. The best part is that it is good for all skin types. The goal is healthy skin. This is why this line works on feeding the skin so it can truly look and feel its best.
Call the salon or easily book a facial online.
We will be looking forward to seeing you in the spa soon! 💆‍♀

Tips for Spring and Summer Blonde

Soon you will be ready for some fresh highlights for the spring and summer months. It is important to remember a few things when transitioning your hair from brunette to blonde.
Be patient and trust the process. In many situations it may take a few visits to achieve the level or tone of blonde you are going for.
Treat your hair right at home with the support of professional products. Salon grade products make a huge difference on the integrity and look of your hair. Listen to your stylist (aka "hair doctor"). We make product recommendations so your hair can look great and stay healthy, not to just make a retail sale.
Know how often you are willing to visit the salon for upkeep. A maintenance schedule should be a part of your blonding consultation. Are you willing to come back in 4 weeks? 2 months? 3 times a year?  This will be the deciding factor on what blonding technique is right for you. At Baddhare Salon have options for everyone. Lastly, leave it up to the professionals. "Bleach" has no place in your bathroom or kitchen. A blonding service is a lot cheaper than a color correction, just sayin' 😅
Are you ready to try something new?
If you are the type of client who is  low-maintenance and doesn't want to keep up with your color every six weeks, a "Lived in Blonde" or "Modern Blonding" could be right for you this season.
This blonding techniques features:
* Partial Painting for maximum blonde impact with a minimal amount of foiling.
* Root Smudge to create a blended, natural look and keeps the grow out low-maintenance.
* Gloss to achieve the ideal tonality of blonde and add shine.
Whatever your blonde goals are, the stylists at Baddhare Salon will assist you in achieving it.
Our top priorities are maintaining the integrity of your hair, staying within your budget and maintenance schedule, and giving you the hair you deserve.

Master your Curly Mane in Myrtle Beach

We Do Curls! If you don't already know, Baddhare Salon in Myrtle Beach is known for our curly girl expertise. Did you know, about 65% of people have some kind of wave or texture to their hair. Unfortunately, not all stylists are trained to properly cut or style curly hair. If you are struggling to find the right stylist to master your curly mane, it's ok. We got you. It's never too late to get a fresh start for your curls. Our stylists can give them the love that they need and deserve. The featured image showcases the drastic before and after that can be achieved when your hair is in the right hands. These gorgeous curls are super healthy and hydrated thanks to the Innersense Organic Beauty products used and curly inspired haircut performed by Sarah Lane. She is one of our many curl specialists at Baddhare Salon. We love curls. It is our mission to personalize each curly inspired haircut and product cocktail for each guest. If your curls are due for a makeover or you are just ready to embrace your natural texture, call us or book your "curly inspired haircut" by clicking here.