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Everyone likes to have choices, Right? Having the choice of cleaner, safer beauty in Myrtle Beach is what makes Baddhare so baddass.  Our transparency supports our staff and guests with the knowledge of ingredients in all of our products.  Innersense,  AG Naturals, Beautycounter, and Original Mineral color are just a few of the products lines we so proudly offer, So, empower yourself with the right to choose non-toxic beauty by choosing Baddhare Salon.  Call the salon to book an appointment or inquire more about our unique offerings. Our front desk team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about visiting the best salon at the beach.  
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Best Salon in Myrtle Beach for Holiday Gift Ideas

December 7, 2021
News & Events
Looking for the best gift in Myrtle Beach? Give the gift of beauty this holiday season. The Baddhare retail shop is full of gift sets, stocking stuffers, Doterra essential oils, gift cards, CBD products, Baddhare swag, and so much more. A gift card is defiantly a "one size fits all". It can be used for any services such as a facial, haircut, hair color, or wax. Retail items can also be purchased with a gift card and it will never go our of style.  We are here to make your holiday shopping in the Myrtle Beach area quick and easy. So, shop local at Baddhare salon for the best holiday gifts. Complimentary gift wrapping and gift tags are included with each purchase to really make your life easy... you're welcome 🙂
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Christmas Party Hairstyles – Cute Holiday Hair Ideas 2021

Christmas parties are the most anticipated and most loved during the cold season. It can be stressful to get caught up in gift shopping, party planning and cooking. You may neglect other important things like taking care of yourself. Christmas is an important time in our lives. You want to be at your best when Santa Claus arrives. Don't let your hair get messy this Christmas.

Roundup of  Top Christmas Hairstyles.

1. Vintage Hairstyle Vintage HairstyleThe vintage hairstyle will be back in fashion in 2021, with everything from perfectly shaped waves to curly bangs and intricate updos. Vintage hairstyles have stood the test of time and are still popular today, especially for events that require elegant mannerisms. Vintage is a great choice for Christmas hairstyles, whether you want a classic look or something more charming.   2. Easy Waves easy wavesWaves are the best choice if you want to appear like a fairytale princess at Christmas. There are many styles to choose from, so you can make it your own. This hairstyle doesn't require any hot tools. Simply apply a styling product to damp hair and allow it to dry in three or four braids. However, it is important to choose the best method for your hair. If you want to achieve the perfect Christmas wavy hairstyle, Ask your hair stylist how to keep curls alive!   3. French Twist Hairstyle french twist hairstyleOne thing you can steal from French women is their elegance. Their impeccable hairstyle is a prime example of this. A french twist may be the right choice for your elegant Christmas dress if you are going to a formal event. For more formal events, a French twist updo can be a great idea. However, it is only possible if your hair is long or medium. This Christmas hairstyle is light enough to last all night. You can also enjoy the party without worrying about the mirror. 4. Side-Swept Hairstyle Sideswipe hairstyleThe side-swept is the most popular hairstyle on the red carpet. It's one of the most adorable Christmas hair ideas this year. This Christmas hairstyle will make you look fresh no matter what time it is. The side-swept hair makes you appear slimmer and accentuates your jewelry. If you have the perfect Christmas earrings, make sure to wear them side-swept. 5. Hair Ribbons Do you think you are still the right age to use ribbons for your hairstyle? Hair ribbons are not dependent on age. A simple black ribbon can be a beautiful accent to any outfit. While a colorful ribbon can make your look more fun, it's a great way to add some color. This cute holiday hairstyle is quick and easy. 6. Twisted Tie-Back hair treatmentThis is the easiest and most classic hairstyle. Simply part your hair starting at the middle of the forehead and roll the right and left sections towards your back. Then, attach some pins. You can add a ribbon to give your hair some style. This will create a festive party-ready look in 2 minutes.

This is the time of year to let loose and have some fun with your hair style. Not sure what style is right for you and the occasion? Talk to your hair stylist at Baddhare Salon. They will have some great holiday ideas.

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Give The Gift Of Good Hair

baddhare hair salonDo you know that crazy aunt who grew her hair for decades? Or that dear friend who still uses drugstore cement to style their hair? Here's a suggestion: Give them hair products or hair salon services  for the holidays. Sometimes, we're a bit more knowledgeable than our loved ones about hair. The gift of great hair is a great way for them to share that knowledge without having to have a very uncomfortable conversation. There are many things that can go wrong when it comes to hair knowledge.

Great ways to give your loved one a boost with their hair this holiday season

#1 - The Haircut Let's begin with the most common cause of bad hair. Bad hairstyles start with the haircut. Sometimes, our loved ones may be stuck with a haircut that once worked but no longer works. It is almost as if people become comfortable with their haircuts and the salon they visit. When it comes to haircuts, price can be an issue. It's not the price that people are concerned about, but understanding the cost of a higher price is what I believe to be the issue. People who have never been to a better salon with a higher price tag probably don't know what it can do for their hair. This is where you come in. You can give them a gift certificate for a haircut at Baddhare Salon. They will fall in love with the result and they will continue to see your new stylist. Everyone is happy and beautiful! #2 - The Color hair treatmentDo you know anyone in your circle who has a hair color that isn't working? It can be difficult to convince a friend or family member that a new colorist is right for them. This dilemma can be complicated by many factors, including loyalty, price, and fear. There are many trends in hair color that are very affordable (1-2 visits per year) and will likely be less than what the client is currently paying. The current trends in hair color are rooted and balayage, which can be extremely low-maintenance and still very popular. You can make it easy for your loved one by showing them the Instagram account of the stylist that you are going to. They will love the looks and you can be sure that they are capable of achieving the look you want. Add some color to your holiday season!   #3 - The Treatment Sometimes, a great hairstyle and color can lead to a problem with the hair. There are many treatments you can give to your hair to restore its beauty. We live in an extremely dry area, so dry hair can be a major problem here in Myrtle Beach. It can be a nice surprise to give your loved one moisture. The stylists can offer you a range of moisturizing treatments and masques that will help to reduce excessive dryness. This gift is great when paired with a blowout or style. You may know someone who is happy to bleach their hair or flat iron. If so, you could consider a protein strengthening treatment to help build up their hair's muscle. The stylist can help you decide what treatment is best for your hair. They can have a chat and discuss what is best for them during the consultation. Now lets' talk frizz. Frizz is a common problem, especially in the winter. Keratin Treatments or Brazilian Blowouts are great ways to get rid of it. These treatments are often overlooked by people. These can reduce frizz and cut down on blow drying time by almost half. These aren't meant to straighten hair, but to smoothen it. The effects of Keratin and Brazilian Blowout can last for up to four months depending on the treatment used. These treatments can truly make a difference in the lives of clients. The results are amazing and people love how their hair feels. Give smooth hair a gift. #4 - The Blow Dry / Style blow dry and hair styleThere is a friend who does it all right. A gift of a hair styling is a great gift that can be both affordable and very valuable. You can inform the recipient to make a booking for the day they wish to have their hair done. However, the best thing about this gift is that the stylist can show them how to get the look at home. #5 - The Product Products are last but not least. This is a common problem. Many people use the wrong products for their hair type. It can be overwhelming to choose from so many choices. People are afraid to try new products because they don't know how it will work. Talking to your stylist about the hair of your loved ones is a good idea. Discuss what your concerns are with current products and get professional recommendations. Even though we have just discussed hair today, some of our friends and family are great with their hair and don't need any help. Facial massage or waxing treatments can be the perfect gift to give them in this situation. Our front desk will be happy to help you with any questions you may have or to help you choose the right person to gift your loved one this holiday season. The gift of beauty can help boost self-confidence and make your loved one feel good about themselves. Friends, happy gift-giving! hair salon

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Hair Salon Tips For Curly Hair

November 17, 2021
hair tips, News & Events
Myrtle Beach hair salonEveryone with curly hair knows the expression: "Your hair looks so beautiful, I wish that I had curly hair!" Although it's intended to be a compliment curly girls know that maintaining a curly hairstyle is much more difficult than it appears. Your curly hair can feel unruly and unpredictable. Your hair care routine is what will make the difference between loving and fighting your curls. Curly hair is easier to manage if you use the right products and styles. Hair that is properly cared for will be healthier. Here are some simple tips from your Myrtle Beach hair salon to keep your curls strong and shiny.

Here are the best hair styling tips for curly hair

Curly hair is a different texture than other hair types. Curly hair requires more care and patience than straight hair. Curly hair does not have to be a curse. These tips, products and pointers will help make your curls look great. Some even let you sleep better! 1. Always work your hair from the root up. You can detangle hair by working from the bottom. This allows you to avoid yanking at the roots and compounding knots. Our hair styling experts recommend that curly hair be raked with a wide-toothed comb and not a brush to protect it from damage. Our stylist explain that curly hair is the most fragile of all types and is susceptible to breaking. A wide-toothed comb is gentlest for detangling curls. It doesn't disturb the natural curl pattern in the same way as a brush. This means that you can save your brushes for straight styles or for taming flyaways. 2. Regular trims are important to prevent split ends. A damaged hairstyle is not a good look. Split ends can also make your hair look frizzy. For healthy, shiny curls that look fresh and vibrant, visit the hairdresser every six to eight week for a quick trim. 3. To define and hydrate curls, use product "cocktailing". Hair Salon StaffOur hairstylist explains that product cocktailing simply means mixing multiple products together to meet your styling needs. Smoothing serum plus mousse and coconut oil plus styling spray is one styling cocktail. These products combine to give your hair a great hold without making it dry or crunchy. A serum is the best option for those who don't want to spend hours cocktailing. It helps smooth curls and gives them definition. You can also apply styling cream to your hair with wet fingers: The product and the water combine to ensure that curls remain frizz-free. This allows you to refresh the curl pattern while styling the hair. Styling cream is great because it gives curls a firm hold without adding any crunch. Be sure to ask your hair stylist the best combination of products  for your specific situation. 4. Include a conditioning treatment in your routine. You don't want your hair to go through a dry, dull phase. Use your fingertips to apply a small amount of oil or styling cream to your ends. This can be done with wet or dry hair. This will give your hair extra bounce and moisture. If your curls look dry or frizzy at the ends, it is worth adding a leave in conditioner to your product mix. Spray a light-weight conditioning spray on your hair, especially if it is thin or needs more hydration. To give your hair more definition and hydration, apply a cream-based conditioner to dampened hair. 5. To keep your curls defined over night, try the "pineapple trick". Pineappling is a method where the hair is pulled loosely at the top of the head. This is usually done before bed. This helps to preserve the curl pattern and prevent excessive bedhead. When you are ready to take your pony out, give your hair a good shake. Our Certified Deva Curl Specialist recommend that you use a scrunchie to keep your hair looking pristine in between washes. This will prevent hair breaking and ponytail creasing. If you don't have a silk pillowcase, it is time to get one. These pillowcases are super smooth and reduce hair's friction overnight. This makes your hair look hydrated every day. 6. To add body and texture to your curls, use a diffuser. hair salon curly hairYou're missing out if you don't use the attachments included with your hair dryer. A hair diffuser helps to disperse the heat from your hair dryer into a larger area. This can help reduce frizz when curly hair is naturally dried. It can also help to even out curl patterns and increase the volume of thick curls, adding more body to your hair. Use your diffuser in the following manner: After showering, use a microfiber towel to extract any extra moisture. Scrunch your hair in a scrunching motion. You shouldn't use a towel or turban your hair. These popular methods may work well for straight-haired friends but will cause hair frizz and disrupt your curl pattern. Use your favorite hair products as well as a thermal hair protector. You should use a heat protectant whenever you use heat tools to curl your hair. Place your hair in the diffuser and wrap the tool around it. Continue this process until you have defined curls. You don't have to dry your hair completely. Allowing curls to air dry can help prevent frizz. 7. Use a curling iron, wand or curling comb to refresh your curls. Although it may seem silly to curl hair that is already curly, this can be a great way for them to look better. Sabina Yannone is a Los Angeles hairdresser who specializes curly hair. If your curls seem too tight, increase the size of your iron to allow for more flexibility. A smaller barrel will give you tighter curls. The curling wand can be used to fine-tune curly hair. It is easy to shape curls where you need it, at the root, mid-strand or end. In just a few minutes, you can achieve perfectly defined curls.

The best tips come from your hair stylist at Baddhare Salon. Call today to book your appointment.

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Five Reasons to Gift a Spa Day Present to a Special Woman In Your Life

November 12, 2021
, News & Events, spa
Spa FacialWhat gift do you give to the most important woman in your life this holiday season? A spa gift package is a great gift for your wife, sister, mother, or daughter. This is not as common as you might think. This is more about giving her something she can't provide for herself: "Me Time."

Here are five reasons why spa-days make the perfect gift for women.

She will be spoiled Mothers deserve some pampering, even busy mothers. This gift is for your mother or any mother of your kids to pamper her. You can give your mother a Facial massage or a  body wax or a hair styling. These treatments will make her feel refreshed. It is a wonderful pain relief! Spas might be able to provide pain relief for back or neck problems. Facial massage therapy is a natural treatment that can ease muscle pain, numbness, and joint inflammation. The spa's massage therapist will customize a therapy session just for you. To treat their pains, the experts will use a mixture of light, medium, and deep pressures. Make her look better A facial can make your special lady or mother look younger. She will remind you, like many mothers, that it is your mom who causes her gray hair and wrinkles. To make your mother look younger, give her an anti-aging facial. You can give your mother a manicure, mani-pedi or cut and color salon service. This will make your mother smile. It would be a wonderful day to bond with her Take a day off and book a spa session together. Relax and bond together. You can laugh together, share your lives, and recall the good times. This would help her forget her worries and allow her to focus on the important things: the love and relationships she shares. She can be relaxed Spa days can do more than improve your appearance and relieve pain. Spa days can help you relax. You can relax and let go with many spa treatments. Any spa treatment can help you relax, including a facial massage, body wax or hair treatment. These treatments can help improve sleep quality and promote a healthy brain. You may be surprised. These benefits are great news for women. Gift her the gift of a spa-day!

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Your Beauty Community

October 25, 2021
News & Events
Your Baddhare Team had a phenomenal experience at the Premier Hair Show in Orlando. Your management and technical staff enjoyed classes on color correction, marketing, barbering, recruitment, and bridal just to name a few. We are so excited to implement our education behind the chair and throughout the salon to give our guests the best experience we can offer.
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Baddhare FUNdraiser

October 11, 2021
News & Events

 We want to take a moment to say "thank you".

Our Baddhare Fundraiser was both successful and a fun night to celebrate our team and generous clients.

The outpour of donations from our local community was astounding....

We are so excited to be heading to the Premier Hair Show in Orlando Florida for some new and exciting education. Because of you, we have raised the funds to cover our travel expenses, accommodations, and show tickets.

And more news...

Our secondary cause for the fundraiser was sweet Demi DeLuca. She is battling cancer at only eight years old. The exciting news it that the results from her bone marrow biopsy have come back and Demi has no detectable trace of leukemia!! The doctors were shocked.  The DeLuca Family received the best case scenario.

Demi still has a long battle ahead of her. These next few weeks will be tough. This week she will start two intense blocks of chemotherapy to destroy any “baby leukemia cells”, as the doctor called it, to prevent any relapse.

The generous donations we have received for her will continue to help Demi get the care she needs to win this battle with cancer.

Baddhare FUNdraiser

September 6, 2021
News & Events
As you know the pandemic has affected our local businesses in different ways over the past year and a half. For Baddhare Salon, it has limited us when it comes to education. Education is an important part of the Baddhare culture. We love to stay educated and up to date with all of the latest trends, styles, and techniques so we can better serve our guests! For over a year, in person education has been extremely limited or no-existent all together. We were recently informed that one of the largest Hair Shows, “Premier” in Orlando Florida is returning in October 2021! Our Baddhare family was more than thrilled to hear this exciting news. We have decided to host a fun "Education Effort" to help finance travel expenses and hotel accommodations for our passionate stylists to attend this in person educational opportunity. Join us on Saturday, September 25th form 5-8 for cocktails, 10% off on all retail products and gift certificates, raffles, silent auction, and 50/50. *Give us a call or stop by if you have a local business and would like to make a donation for silent auction or raffle.

Facials for Fifty

August 29, 2021
News & Events
We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience our Baddhare Spa. Now through the end of September we are offering "Facials for Fifty". Book any one of our four Clean Beauty Facials through our online booking system for only $50. That's a savings of $25-$45!!! Pick from: *Getting Better with Age *Hydrating Facial *Detox Facial *Detox Bacial (a facial for your back) All facials feature Beautycounter products. So, come on in to relax and enjoy a little pampering. Your fresh face AND your wallet will thank you... Just remember, you must book online to receive the special $50 price.
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