Baddhare Bonding

July 30, 2020
News & Events
This Month we had the opportunity to get together as a work family outside of our usual work environment! For our first activity, we went blueberry picking at a local farm. We picked organic blueberries and had some fun in the sun. For our second activity, we went to River Island Adventure and had some fun on the river! There was tubing, boating, kayaking and yard games! Our staff at both Baddhare and Clean Mission are truly one big happy family. It's always  nice when we can all come together to spend time together outside of work.

Free Haircuts for a Year!

July 15, 2020
News & Events
‼️A winner for our FREE HAIRCUTS FOR A YEAR promotion has been picked!‼️ Back in February and March we ran a promotion at Baddhare Salon to win free haircuts for a year... all clients had to do was refer someone to the salon and then they were entered into the drawing! Our big winner is Crystal and her curly hair! Crystal just so happened to win our #baddquarantinehare winner, too! With this girls luck she should buy a lottery ticket or two... Thank you to everyone who participated and referred friends and family for a chance to win! We are sorry for the delay in selecting a winner, but as you know things got a little crazy 🤪